Key Features
Strict adherence to time windows when calculating
Compliance with the operating mode of drivers
Compliance with restrictions on the weight, volume and dimensions of the cargo
Optimization of operating time, mileage, route cost
Minimizing the number
of vehicles used
Calculation of problems with violation of parameters and their minimization
Complete list of features
Cargo parameters
Cargo parameters which are taken into account during calculations:
Type (cargoes of some types may be incompatible)
Time Windows
Calculate tasks with time windows of different size for any number of orders
Operational mode of the drivers
Determine the start and the end of the working day. Set the duration of the working day for drivers. Assign breaks without binding them to a specific location
Several days planning
Plan your routes for a few days ahead with possibility to choose the optimal day to serve the orders
Violation of parameters
Calculate your tasks with strict adherence to input parameters or with their violation. You may set the parameters which DML can violate during calculation (such as time windows, working day, overload etc.)
Types of optimization
RAST has several types of optimization:
By time
«y mileage
By complex objective function
Objective function alows you to simulate different logistics models
Multiple warehouses and routes
Calculate lots of routes from several warehouses with a binding transport to specific warehouses or without it
Combined tasks
Calculate routes with simultaneous uploading and unloading in one route. Bind the send address to the receiving address
Multiple routes for one vehicle per day
You may calculate such a route when one vehicle returns to its base for several times per one working day
Manual planning
If you don't like calculated routes, you may change them manually